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Kathleen Kelly

Kathleen Kelly

Now a household name, Kathleen founded Cup O' Joes in 1996. That makes it one of the oldest and most venerable pipe and tobacco websites. It's also given Kathy a lot of time to perfect everything, from service - especially service - to product. If there's one thing she's made Cup O' Joes famous for, it's her ability to find the best pipes and tobaccos and get them to you at the best savings. But perhaps Kathy's biggest claim to fame is the care and attention she lavishes on every customer. At the end of the day she knows: Cup O' Joes is not about selling pipes and tobaccos. It's about the customer's delight in the products they purchase.

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Our Customers

Customer Service

Smokin' fast delivery and real, live human beings on the other end of the line. Our goal is your total satisfaction, because we understand the cost of disappointment.

I'm not one to leave reviews, but this time I couldn't resist. Mostly because I couldn't believe the speed with which I got my tobacco. As a longtime smoker it's important to me that I don't run out and I usually keep careful track of my stock. But this time I wasn't paying attention and found myself down to the last few bowls. I could order overnight delivery and pay a ton more, or I could bite the bullet and order standard then hope for the best. Well, I got the best, Cup O' Joes had my order 2 days later. It might as well have been overnight, but without the crazy cost!

- Bill C, Huntsville AL

These guys are great! I've ordered four times now. My first was a starter kit, which they were kind enough to follow up on a couple months later. Then they gave me a special on a better pipe, cuz I was no longer a starter :-). Then they gave me a special on my first solo tobacco buy. I made my fourth buy last week - more tobacco. No special this time. But I ordered Tuesday and got it Thursday. Amazing service & amazing delivery.

- Tom S, Anderson, IN

What can I say? I've been buying from Cup O' Joes for at least ten years. I've never, ever been disappointed. They were stellar with my first order and they've been that way ever since!

- Eric H, Lakeland FL

One thing you have to say about Cup O' Joes, they care. I got a pipe from them once that had a defect in the bowl. It was barely noticeable, and wouldn't have interfered with its smoking, but I couldn't stop focusing on it. Since I'd just paid an arm and leg for it, I called to tell them how I felt. There were no questions, just concern in the person's voice, who said, please send it back right away and we'll replace it. They didn't have another exactly like it, but let me pick a new one. It was a bit more expensive but they let me have it for the old price. And of course it arrived perfect. Unbelievable: I've never encountered that before. Usually you have to argue and get angry. But these guys were amazing. I can't recommend them enough.

- John P, Kirkland WA

Hands down my favorite smoking site. Been buying with them for 20 years. Plan on being with them for 20 more. Kathy, a huge thanks for all your efforts!

- Joseph P, Plainfield NJ

Cup O' Joes never fails. Most websites have a lot of the same stuff, I get that. But what makes these guys stand out for me, is how well I've always been treated. I'm a caller, tend to place my orders by phone - I'm 72 years old, so what do you expect. No matter how many times I call, they're never irritated that I don't buy online, never short with me. It feels good! Because they've always made me feel like I matter. So yes, I can get my tobacco anywhere. But I'd rather get it from the most decent people anywhere.

- Ed M, Springfield OH

You asked me for a review so here's my review: I've been buying from you for 11 years. Never a problem and never missing anything. Everything always arrives perfect. It's gotten so I don't even think about it, soon as I need tobacco, bam, I'm off to see you. I buy a new pipe every couple of years. Bam, I'm off to see you. Thank you for making my little hobby so effortless and pleasant.

- Mike W, Arlington TX