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Young & Croyle The Victorian Pipe Pouch Medium Brown

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Mr. Young's wife designed the Victorian which was therefore named in her honor. Its unique surgical kit style allows it to open and lay flat for ease of use and be stored on the shelf like a book when closed. This librarian cloak of invisibility keeps it nicely hidden among the "boring" books when children's grabby, curious fingers are around. This simple and classy pouch is lovingly handcrafted by an Amish harness maker, from locally sourced, 5 mil thick, soft leather. Inside, it contains leather loops for a pipe, tamper, lighter, and cleaners (in that order) as well as a small pocket for an ounce or two of tobacco. Please be advised that all real leather will stretch a little after some use, so the slip latches are intentionally made a little snug. They will loosen up to the proper tension with use.