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Young & Croyle Noble Kinsman Leather Pipe Bag Medium Brown

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The Noble Kinsman was designed by Mr. Young from a picture of a pipe pouch from the 14 or 1500's, and was named by Mr. Croyle. The unique shape that the strap makes when tied properly was the primary feature of the centuries old pouch Mr. Young saw in the picture. Each pouch is carefully handcrafted from locally sourced, 5 mil thick, soft leather by an Amish harness maker. The Noble Kinsman is available in black, antique cigar and medium brown. Inside is a large pocket for a pipe and cleaners and smaller pockets for a lighter, tamper, and a small pouch of tobacco. This pouch measures 8" long by 4.5" tall with a depth of about 3/4" when closed. Any product bearing the genuine stamp of Young & Croyle is always warrantied against any defects in materials and workmanship.