The Yeti Starter Kit

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We're very proud of our Yeti line and we're sure you'll love it too, that's why we offer the Yeti Pipe Starter Kit - containing the necessary items to get you going, learning, enjoying, and loving a good smoke.

What's in the Yeti Pipe Starter Kit

The pipe: Cup O' Joes Yeti Basket Smooth Pipe. The Yeti, of course, is a mythical creature like Big Foot. It's also the Cup O' Joes mascot and trademark. This is a true briar pipe, and it displays the Yeti on the bowl. Otherwise, it's a very traditional style of pipe, but not so expensive you'll be afraid to use it. That makes it ideal for the smoker working his (or her) way up to aficionado and connoisseur. This pipe is a basket pipe, the shape & finish may vary from picture. For special requests, please contact us.

The tobacco: a 50 gram tin of our very own Cup O' Joes Anniversary Blend No. 23 (again, the Yeti!). Ideal for beginners and veterans both, smooth, flavorful, the COJ 23 consists of a Virginia / Perique old fashioned crumble cake ready to smoke out of the tin. It won't keep you up, and it won't knock you out, as you learn your way around a pipe.

The other items::
1 Czech Pipe Tool - The quintessential tool for scraping out your bowl & tamping down your tobacco.
1 Bundle of 32 BJ Long Fluffy Pipe Cleaners - For cleaning out your pipe bowl & stem.
1 COJ Yeti Sticker - Yes, we know, it has no application for your pipe smoking; but it's a sweet Yeti sticker!