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The Swanky Starter Kit

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Maybe you're starting out, you want to give pipe smoking a shot - but you'd like to do it in a fancy way to make your statement. Well, we've happily included the essentials in this kit with products to keep you feelin' swanky!

Please note this kit may come with a black or blue Vertigo Puffer Pipe Lighter.

What's in the Swanky Pipe Starter Kit

The pipe: Eximia Basket Pipe - Eximia is a quality pipe for everyday use or for smokers on-the-go. Eximias are elegant, well-made, provide an excellent smoke. But what does "basket" mean? It means we choose the specific pipe for you. You can count on it being high quality!

The tobacco:
2 Oz Stokkebye PS35 Champagne - Fine Virginia tobaccos blended with Mexican Burley and topped with 2 cuts of sweet Black Cavendish, this is a unique masterpiece. An aromatic, it is mild in every respect.
2 Oz Stokkebye PS17 English Luxury - A mixture developed from mellow Georgian Virginias, Black Cavendish, Mexican Burleys and Cyprian Latakia - a classic. A slightly sweet English blend, with a range from mild to medium strength.

The lighter: Vertigo Puffer Black or Blue Pipe Lighter - This is a soft flame lighter, specific to lighting your pipe. It comes with built a in tamper, poker, and scraper!