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The Sorcerer's Starter Kit

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You can be a starting smoker but want to do the Gandalf thing - not a problem; that's what the churchwarden pipes are for! We can't promise you'll be blowing smoke sailing ships right out of the box, but the churchwarden will certainly put the wizardly tools to do so at your fingertips. The rest, like any other sorcery, is practice.

What's in the Sorcerer's Pipe Starter Kit

The pipe: a Smoking Man Medium Churchwarden Smooth Basket Pipe. The medium sized Churchwarden is a great introductory to longer, cool smoking pipes. Each pipe will measure in at about 7" in length, with a bowl height of around 1.25" - 2". It also looks awesome! "Basket" means we choose the specific pipe for you. You can count on it being good!

The other items:
1 Churchwarden 2 Pipe Case - An elegant, useful tool to keep your pipes & accessories centralized.
1 Pipe Nail Horseshoe - the quintessential tool for scraping out your bowl & tamping down your tobacco.
1 Bundle of BJ Long Churchwarden Pipe Cleaners - 12" cleaners for your bowl & stem.