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Stokkebye PS403 Luxury Bulls Eye Flake, sold by Oz

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Room Note:

A blend of ripe Virginia tobaccos spiced with pure Louisiana Perique. The center of Black Cavendish smooths out the taste. Roll Cake. The outer blend is pressed into a flake, and then spun around a stick of pressed Black Cavendish. The result is a massive cigar which is cut into medallions.

Flavor Profile

Peter Stokkebye
Blend Type
Virginia/Perique (VaPer)
Black Cavendish, Perique, Virginia
Strength i STRENGTH: the overall strength of the tobacco. This includes the strength of its taste and its nicotine content.
Flavoring i FLAVORING: primarily for aromatic blends, this refers to the "topping" but sometimes also to the "casing" added to the tobacco. This will account for detectable flavors like cherry or chocolate.
Taste i TASTE: although a wholly subjective measure, it is one of the most important in that it measures how tasty smokers find the blend. Like food, some dishes are tastier than others.
Room Note i ROOM NOTE: a measure of the ambient scent/smell a blend puts out for those around the smoker. Basically, how strong does it smell, and how pleasant do those around you find that smell. The stronger, generally the less pleasant. You can also call this the "wife rating."

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21 Reviews

  • 5
    Lux Bull Eyes

    Posted by John W on Jul 6th 2018

    My first purchase at Cup of Joes. One of my favorites. I was pleased with the speed the order came and the care it was shipped.

  • 5
    Very Good!

    Posted by Smoking Hawk on May 28th 2018

    A good looking Bulls Eye! I ordered to smoke it in Summer time and I'm really enjoying it. Coins comes in little too moist so fold and pack method didn't work here either as tends to break apart in the process instead lightly rubbing and letting letting it dry for few minutes works well. That Parique is unnoticeable but the tobacco itself is very good quality and all in all a very enjoyable mid strength smoke.

  • 5
    the best tobacco i've ever smoked

    Posted by roland lolua on Mar 12th 2018

    the best

  • 5

    Posted by richard nevarez on Feb 16th 2018

    excellent mixture, very pleasant and relaxing smoke. Give it a try.

  • 5
    good Flake

    Posted by Dietmar Weise on Feb 12th 2018

    This tobacco is the best Virginia Perique mixture. The bulls eyes look at me faithfully. By folding and folding he comes into the pipe. It burns down slowly until the end, you can not actually smoke it hot. The smoke reminds me of a mild cigar. This tobacco I like to smoke for coffee.

  • 4
    A very pleasant experience.

    Posted by Wally Vella-Żarb (from Malta, Europe) on Jul 11th 2017

    Draws well,irrespective of whether it is folded or rubbed.
    Burns quite slowly and evenly, burns dry so no bite, not too strong.
    No complaints from wife about smell.
    'Figs' or other 'fruit' not very apparent compared to some others (like the old Three Nuns).
    All together a very pleasant experience.

  • 5

    Posted by Donald Tripp on Apr 26th 2017

    Raisins, sultanas, figs from the Perique. The Virginias are reminiscent of mowed hay. The Cavendish is elusive but makes its presence known. The nicotine is at the upper limit of the medium spectrum. It's not an all day smoke for me because of the nicotine hit but it's the best smoke of the day; the one to look forward to. Stays lit throughout whether it is rubbed out or folded and stuffed. Burns cool with no chance of a bite. This is my favorite tobacco blend.

  • 4
    Standard vaper

    Posted by ahmad aljanabi on Apr 26th 2017

    Typical virginia perique, i will be honest i cant feel the cavendish core burst many smoker rave about. But it folds just fine or even rubbed if you like that, burns slow and taste (sweet bread)virginia like no bite. Again its not going to win non smoking fan with it aroma. A must try for the lovers of coin cut.

  • 5
    Bull's Eye Flake Takes the Cake

    Posted by Doug Brown on Apr 9th 2017

    This is another of the legend blends of tobacco people have discovered for themselves in the entire menu of popular tobacco. You find it in bulk tobacco lists at the top of the charts of best sellers and it has a wide popular appeal. It is both bold and distinctive and deserves its place alongside Orlik and Escudo. For me the great thing about Stokkebye Bull's Eye Flake is that it is one more option on the occasion that I don't want the regulars I smoke and that it tastes so good. If you haven't yet tried it, Bull's Eye Flake is on each every best seller's list so there isa good chance you will love it too.