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Selfie Contest

Cup O' Joes Selfie Contest

We're at it again:

During the whole month of JUNE you can enter our Selfie Contest.

Your selfies just may earn you prizes!

We'll be giving away a COJ t-shirt, COJ sticker, Czech pipe tool, package o' pipe cleaners, and one COJ Yeti pipe to our favorite selfie of the month!

We'll announce the contest winner on July 1st.

Additionally, we'll be giving away some $5.00 coupon codes to extra-creative selfies, staff favorites and more!

Here's how it works:

Click the "GO TO SELFIE FORM" button below and submit your highly creative selfie. You can submit as many selfies as you like whenever you like.

Some rules (naturally):

  1. Your Selfie has to be pipe-related or cigar related - i.e., you smoking, you cleaning your pipe, that sort of thing.
  2. Content Advisory: We want you to have fun, but if you send us a pic you wouldn't show your mother - think twice before sending! Your selfie will probably appear on our social pages :)
  3. You get points for creativity.
  4. Submissions are unlimited.
  5. Please note we may use your selfie in our advertising. Hitting the sumbit button means you agree to this.

So what are you waiting for . . .