S.T. Dupont Ligne 2 Shanghai Limited Edition Lighter

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S.T. Dupont Ligne 2 Shanghai Limited Edition Lighter

In the 1920's, Shanghai, which was also known as "the Pearl of the Orient", was the scene of tremendous cultural blossoming which contributed to its mythical aura. At that time, Shanghai, which was one of the few ports in China that were open to the outside world, had become a flourishing financial and artistic center. Europeans, Russians, Japanese and Americans mixed with the Chinese in what was a cosmopolitan, vibrant society. This fascinating blend of cultures created a city whose streets and buildings combined aspects of neogothic, Art Deco, Victorian and neoclassical style in an atmosphere that was unique in the world.

This mysterious city symbolized the meeting between East and West. To foreigners, it was the very embodiment of opulence, decadence and exotic luxury. It was also s source of inspiration for European artists and craftsmen, such as Jean Dunand and Gaston Suisse, who reinterpreted its aesthetics and ancestral techniques, such as Chinese Lacquer work, to create magnificent works of art.

The skill of applying Chinese lacquer to metal has linked S.T. Dupont with the Far East since the 1920's. With this limited edition Shanghai, S.T. Dupont has chosen to pay homage both to this unique city and the work of the European designers of the 1930's. This exclusive range reflects the fantastical China that Europeans dream of.

Adorned with decorative elements inspired by both Art Deco and Chinese culture, the products of this limited edition demonstrate the magnificent skills of S.T. Dupont's master lacquer workers and precious metal smiths. Gold dust intensifies the brilliance of the pale gold on the intense black lacquer. On the Lighter , waves adorn the base a traditional motif in Chinese culture - are combined to a contemporary yet poetic design that is evocative of rain. In Chinese culture, the number 8 is considered to be a talisman of good fortune. for that reason, eight citrine gemstones of the sun's color have been set by hand in the lighter. Like a seal, a Chinese character representing good fortune hallmarks this unique lighter.

Taking luxury and refinement still further, S.T. Dupont has created an exclusive Diamante level with an exceptional and rare lighter. They combine an engraved piece in solid white gold set with sparkling diamonds, celadon green lacquer and a mixture of jades and alexandrites - stones that symbolize power. These two items are produced in a very limited number. This unique limited edition Shanghai lighter is number 0166/1088.