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Yiannos Kokkinos lives in Cyprus and finds himself the only pipe maker from the country. He studied Graphic Design in Greece and Fine Arts in Italy and used to work as a designer. Now, he runs a small cafeteria in Limassol which houses a workshop upstairs, where he dedicates his free time to pipe making. Yiannos' pipes are completely handmade and created frem Mediterranean briar, and ebonite or acrylic stems from Italy & Germany and also some other materials (e.g. metal, bamboo, olive wood) depending on the design of the pipe.

Each of Yiannos' pipes comes in a hand painted special edition Cup O' Joes/Yiannos Kokkinos box

"I am crafting my pipes with love, care and I hope you will choose to enjoy smoking one of my pipes, as much as I did when I carved it for you."

-Yiannos Kokkinos