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Lane Dark Red Pipe Tobacco, sold by Oz

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Very Mild
Very Mild
Room Note:

Dark Red uses the same rich, toasted and steamed Green River black cavendish blend as in BCA, but instead receives a topping that is a combination of black cherry, vanilla and caramel. BCA fans should love it.

Flavor Profile

Lane Limited
Blend Type
Black Cavendish
Caramel, Cherry, Vanilla
Strength i STRENGTH: the overall strength of the tobacco. This includes the strength of its taste and its nicotine content.
Flavoring i FLAVORING: primarily for aromatic blends, this refers to the "topping" but sometimes also to the "casing" added to the tobacco. This will account for detectable flavors like cherry or chocolate.
Taste i TASTE: although a wholly subjective measure, it is one of the most important in that it measures how tasty smokers find the blend. Like food, some dishes are tastier than others.
Room Note i ROOM NOTE: a measure of the ambient scent/smell a blend puts out for those around the smoker. Basically, how strong does it smell, and how pleasant do those around you find that smell. The stronger, generally the less pleasant. You can also call this the "wife rating."

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7 Reviews

  • 5
    Absolute Favorite

    Posted by john peters on Feb 28th 2019

    I'm not exactly a refined or experienced pipe smoker, but over the two-and-a-half years I've been using a pipe, this is absolutely the best tobacco I've come across. Nice, but gentle flavor, it's my go-to tobacco either by itself or to mix with other tobaccos I find a little too strong.

  • 5
    truly a satisfying smoke

    Posted by Christopher J. Bright on Sep 25th 2018

    Great smoke light cherry flavor with no tongue bite a real favorite

  • 5
    A solid all around blend.

    Posted by Bob on Feb 13th 2018

    Smokes mild, good room note, mild pleasing aroma and burns well. Solid product.
    Mixed 3/1 with Sutliff Molto Dolche it is the best smoke I have ever enjoyed.

  • 5
    Wonderful taste, scent, and mild

    Posted by John on Sep 11th 2017

    The best pipe tobacco I've had. When my local tobacco shop stopped carrying it (puzzling, since they tell me it's their most popular), I wasn't sure what to do. Cup O Joes has it nicely priced, with quick delivery. For a mild taste, pleasant odor, this is the tobacco. It mixes well with every other tobacco I've tried, complimenting the other tobacco without overpowering it.

  • 5
    A Great Cherry Blend

    Posted by Mike on Apr 28th 2017

    I prefer the darker blends with more black cavendish. This blend has a great cavendish tobacco flavor with cherry and vanilla notes. A wonderful smoke and with an amazing room aroma and no bite. This is my favorite cherry blend so far. Would highly recommend.

  • 3
    No bite

    Posted by Michael Cornell on Nov 12th 2016

    Decent smoke. Very mild with no bite. Nice aroma. Good for the price.

  • 5
    Dark Red Amazing

    Posted by Pastor Mark on Oct 8th 2016

    Lane'a Dark Red is the perfect cherry tobacco. The big problem with cherry flavored pipe tobacco has always been tongue bite. So take Lane's BCA add just the right amount of cherry flavoring and you have one outstanding tobacco!