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Lane BCA Black Cavendish, sold by Oz

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Coarse Cut
Very Mild
Room Note:

Lane Limited BCA Pipe Tobacco (Black Cavendish) has been the best-selling black Cavendish in the United States for decades. It consists of a fire-cured Green River burley, which is then gently steamed to achieve its pure black color and gentle burn, and to which is added the lightest top notes of dark fruit and Vanilla. This is an extremely satisfying smoke, that never overwhelms but always delivers. No wonder it's America's best-selling black.

Flavor Profile

Lane Limited
Blend Type
Black Cavendish, Cavendish
Alcohol / Liquor, Cocoa / Chocolate, Vanilla, Whisky
Coarse Cut
Strength i STRENGTH: the overall strength of the tobacco. This includes the strength of its taste and its nicotine content.
Flavoring i FLAVORING: primarily for aromatic blends, this refers to the "topping" but sometimes also to the "casing" added to the tobacco. This will account for detectable flavors like cherry or chocolate.
Taste i TASTE: although a wholly subjective measure, it is one of the most important in that it measures how tasty smokers find the blend. Like food, some dishes are tastier than others.
Room Note i ROOM NOTE: a measure of the ambient scent/smell a blend puts out for those around the smoker. Basically, how strong does it smell, and how pleasant do those around you find that smell. The stronger, generally the less pleasant. You can also call this the "wife rating."

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46 Reviews

  • 5
    Lane BCA

    Posted by David Eatock on May 5th 2019

    This tobacco can be smoked often every day with no bite.

  • 5

    Posted by Malcolm H. Van Dyke II on Apr 15th 2019

    I have been ordering the Lane BCA Black Cavendish for many years now. I mix with a variety of Virginia Golden Burleys and the smoke is super mild, mellow and aromatic to say the least. I am now very careful where I smoke my pipe in public (sucks but...) and I receive numerous compliments on the aroma of this tobacco. It is a pure joy to smoke this tobacco.

  • 5
    Only tobaco I smoke

    Posted by Bob Stewart on Apr 10th 2019

    I appreciate the quick shipping. Thank you!

  • 5
    Black cavendish pipe tobacco

    Posted by Robert Cox on Apr 9th 2019

    a good choice for a heavy pipe smoker like myself.

  • 5
    Cool smoke with good aroma.

    Posted by Saeed Lotfiazar on Jan 18th 2019

    will buy again.

  • 5
    Great Smoke

    Posted by Malcolm H. Van Dyke II on Nov 2nd 2018

    When mixed with NC Burley tobacco this Black Cavendish is a killer great smooth burning mix. Aroma draws attention from nearby folks.

  • 3
    Smells great!

    Posted by Gregg Banse on Sep 28th 2018

    It's a nice mild smoke - good for when I'm puttering - but not much for flavor.

  • 5
    black cavndish

    Posted by ralph on Sep 10th 2018

    excellent; quick delivery

  • 5
    Delicious Smooth Smoke

    Posted by Ris on Aug 24th 2018

    This blend is really smooth and tasty. I blend it with Dunhill Vanilla and it's perfect for me. Smoke it slow and savor it.