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Dunhill Professional Pipe Reamer Set #PA4130

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The Dunhill White Spot Professional pipe reamer set, simply put, is the pinnacle of pipe care. Whether you're a professional in the pipe business or a serious collector, this set made out of premium materials will last you a lifetime. Precision-engineered in the UK, the set consists of three interchangeable, tapered blades (or cutters) and one handle. The three cutters have maximum widths of approximately 16, 17 and 19 mm that will suit most pipes. The cutters are machined from solid blocks of a high-grade Stainless Steel, which have then been specially hardened and then polished. The rounded bottom of each scraper protects the bottom of the tobacco chamber. The flat handle has a generous height of more than 9mm and the width provides better leverage for effortless turning and scraping. The handles are cut from solid brass and then Chromium plated and finished with laser engraving. The exchangeable cutters are equipped with locating dog teeth (bayonet-style) which are secured to the handle by a retaining locking ring/collar. This collar has been engine-turned with vertical lines for better grip.