Dunhill Cumberland Christmas Pipe 2014 #X14A

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5.5 - 6
Bowl Height:
1.5 - 2
Outside Diameter:
1.5 - 2
Chamber Depth:
1.25 - 1.5
Chamber Diameter:
.75 - .8
2 - 3
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This White Spot pipe from Alfred Dunhill is the fourth of a twelve-year limited edition series to celebrate Christmas. It is inspired by both E. T. A. Hoffmann's children's book "The Nutcracker and The Mouse King" and P. J. Tchaikovsky's famous ballet "The Nutcracker". The pipe, a Group 5 Diplomat in Cumberland finish, is fitted with a Sterling silver hallmarked band decoratively engraved with scroll work and Fritz's name. The accompanying pipe tamper, crafted from solid Sterling silver, depicts in great detail "Fritz".

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Pipe Details

Shape: Diplomat
Length:  5.95 in.
Bowl Height:  1.55 in.
Outside Diameter:  1.81 in.
Chamber Depth:  1.26 in.
Chamber Diameter:  0.77 in.
Weight:  2.10 oz.
Stem Material:Cumberland