Taza de José

We are very proud to introduce Taza de José.

Uniquely blended for Cup O' Joes, the Taza de José is an exquisite premium cigar available in Natural and Habano wrappers.

CONNECTICUT. The Taza de José Connecticut uses an Equadorian Connecticut wrapper, with a Honduran Habano binder and Esteli and Jalapa Valleys Nicaraguan filler. Mild to medium-bodied, this delightful Connecticut offers an exceptionally smooth and flavorful creamy taste with a lush aroma, and just the right hint of delicate spices to make it an unforgettable pleasure to the palate.

HABANO. More robust than its brother, the Taza de José Habano is a medium-bodied blend with an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper, Honduran Habano binder, and fillers carefully cultivated from the Jamastran Valley in Honduras, and the Jalapa Valley in Nicaragua. This Ecuadorian Habano is richly complex in taste without ever overwhelming the palate, making it an extremely well-balanced cigar.

History: When you want something special but already carry every Davidoff under the sun, and every Padron, and an excellent selection of the very best premium cigars, what do you do? What we did was reach out to nearly a dozen master blenders and describe what we were looking for in taste and consistency for our cigars. The blenders were very obliging: they recommended, offered, and even blended a variety of leaves for us, some of them just amazing. It took two years, and a lot of sampling; but in the end we felt we had it - the cigar that would make us happy. Not a discount house blend. Not a dummy knock-off. But Taza de José, in two blends we wouldn't dream of offering unless we loved them first.

Try one - really - and Enjoy the Moment - it'll be good to the last puff.

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