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MLB Cigar Ventures

From MLB Cigar Ventures founder Mike Bellody: "The premium, hand-rolled cigar industry is one of the very few remaining industries that has stayed true to the original time-tested techniques used since the first cigar was rolled almost 300 years ago. The history, craftsmanship and quality associated with making truly great cigars remains largely unchanged through the generations. The cigar lifestyle is filled with these traditions. My cigars will always pay homage to this deeply entrenched tradition and history. Over the past 5 years, I’ve built MLB Cigar Ventures with a strong belief that quality is the foundation on which great cigars must be created. My pledge to you is very clear.....

1) I will utilize tobacco of only the highest quality for my cigars.

2) I will blend my cigars in collaboration with the best minds in the industry.

3) My cigars will be hand-rolled at world-renowned factories utilizing the most stringent quality controls in the industry.

Quality will NEVER be in question when you smoke a cigar made under my supervision and that of my company, MLB Cigar Ventures. Our cigars will always be "Developed by Legends" from the finest factories in the world."