Celebi Meerschaum Group 9 Sherlock and Watson Pipe

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Bent Billiard
6 - 7
Bowl Height:
2.5 - 3
3 and up
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Each Celebi Meerschaum pipe, hand carved by Ismail Celebi himself, is made from 100% block meerschaum. This Group 9 (extra large) piece comes in a huge Bent Billiard shape with Sherlock & Watson carved on opposite sides of the bowl, paired with a citrus colored acrylic stem. Handmade in Turkey.

Pipe Details

Shape: Bent Billiard
Length: 6.67 in.
Bowl Height: 2.91 in.
Outside Diameter: 2.15 in.
Chamber Depth: 2.38 in.
Chamber Diameter: 0.90 in.
Weight: 3.60 oz.
Stem Material: Acrylic
Filter: No