About Us

Cup O' Joes

Now a household name, Cup O' Joes was founded in 1996. That makes it one of the oldest and most venerable pipe and tobacco websites. It's also given the company a lot of time to perfect everything, from service - especially service - to product. If it's one thing Cup O' Joes knows well, it's how to find the best pipes and tobaccos and how to get them to you at the very best price. In the same time, Cup O' Joes has forged amazing relationships with pipe makers - relationships that go far beyond maker-to-retailer, and that have blossomed into friendships.

Queensbury Cigar & Pipe

QCP is the bricks-n-mortar version of Cup O' Joes, and it is proud to offer its patrons the largest cigar and pipe lounge in Upstate New York. It's kept the rustic Adirondack flavor but also been turned into the perfect place to enjoy a good bowl or cigar, and to accompany that with one of our signature Cup O’ Joes coffees. Along with the main lounge, it also boasts a beautifully appointed Montecristo Members Club. Hundreds of pipes are on display (and available for purchase, naturally), as is every tobacco, accessory, and cigar that Cup O' Joes carries.

Key Personnel [click names for bios]

Kathleen ~ Owner

Its owner and fearless leader, Kathleen started Cup O’ Joes in 1996. She was determined to make it the best source on the web for everything tobacco, and in this she has admirably succeeded. She’s also a walking encyclopedia of pipes and pipe makers, and has even had the Peterson Kelly pipe named after her.

Kathleen cloned herself a few years ago so she can do more things at once. A single Kathleen wasn’t enough to travel the world on the hunt for amazing pipes, and to also run both the Cup O’ Joes website and the retail location. We think there’s only two of her, but we’re not really sure—there may be more.

Sean R

Sean R ~ Office, Online Sales

The Cup O’ Joes go-to guy. Sean loves living in the woods with his growing family & two dogs. On the off chance Sean isn't here, you'll probably find him somewhere around the country catching a Phish show.

From maintaining the website & its content, to taking orders and buying pipes, he does it all. If you want the best deal possible—or just want to talk pipes & tobacco - Sean's your guy.

Sean B

Sean B ~ Office, Online Sales

Our behind the scenes guy, Sean makes all the pieces of Cup O’ Joes come together. We’re not sure if he’s machine or human so we keep him in a windowless office, since he seems happiest without food or light.

Sean’s knowledge is boundless when it comes to pipes and tobaccos, probably because he can access the internet in his head. He spends a significant part of his day making sure Uncle Sam is happy so we can keep providing our customers with the best pipe and cigar products.

Repeek Koob

Repeek Koob ~ Office

Repeek is renowned for hiding from the camera. The thing is, he hides from us too, so that all we have to go on is the back of his head. We’ve even speculated if he actually has two backs to his head, one where you’d normally expect to find it, and another in the front, where you wouldn’t.

Otherwise, he’s our amazing numbers person, and without whom Cup O’ Joes would automatically grind to a halt.


Coop ~ Design

Our resident doomsday prepper/nutritionist/historian, when Coop’s not prepping his bunker on his mountaintop farm he’s actually pretty darn good at the whole Graphics and Marketing thing.

As the lead Cup O’ Joes in-house graphics and creative person, he spends his days creating banners, updating product images, maintaining our social media presence, and making bathroom posters.

Aaron ~ Warehouse

As our warehouse magician his job is to ensure that every order goes out with a little love. If it weren’t for him, the warehouse would be a nightmare of pipes, tobacco and boxes.

Aaron prefers shoe shots to headshots and in his spare time tries to get his dog Charlie to listen to Joe Rogan.


Kilgore Trout ~ Web

Kilgore’s our senior developer. He doesn’t speak in other than code and the occasional bark for coffee, so we don’t actually know much about him. We do know he’s been at the web development stuff so long that he trained on a wooden computer, which he probably built himself, all the while reading Kurt Vonnegut and Philip Jose Farmer (not that we know who those two writers are). Everything Kilgore does is a mystery. Including him.

On the other hand, he was perfectly comfortable pulling the entire Cup O’ Joes website out of his ahem. So we’re good with that.


Blake ~ QCP Sales Associate

A real retail ninja! Blake's equally at home talking about cigars as he is talking about football.

Blake prefers to work when there's games on so he can watch them on the big screen. And when there isn’t a game, he keeps his obsession going with MADDEN!


Chops ~ QCP Sales Associate

A real diamond in the rough and we mean rough. We’re not sure of his real name, but he seems to respond well to Chops. Known for his symphonic whistling and random impersonations, he makes one of the meanest cups of coffee around.

As a man always in motion he’s just as much at home maintaining the humidor as he is using his tornado leaf blower.


Daryl ~ Yeti/Missing Link

Daryl is the latest unofficial member of the cupojoes.com team. As a brown yeti he's often, and wrongly, considered to be a Sasquatch or Big Foot. He's a direct descendant of the cold weathered Tibetan Yeti and cousin to the Abominable Snowman.

His den is somewhere in the upper Adirondack Mtns and he only comes out of hiding for big events like product launches and employee picnics. For the most part he doesn't like people and wishes they would stop searching for him all the time.