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RTDA 2006

Dunhill Retailer of the Year 2006

We attended the RTDA show at the Venetian in Las Vegas July 15-19, 2006, where we received the Dunhill Retailer of the year award for selling more Dunhill pipes and smoking accessories than anyone else in the USA - for the Second year in a row! Please enjoy the pictures below and watch this page during the upcoming weeks for links to some exciting new products.

A beautiful gold plated Billiard on a beautiful briar stand was awarded to us at Delmonico, where we enjoyed yet another fabulous dinner and several spectacular bottles of wine, topping last year's dinner in New Orleans. Kalmon Hener and David Webb from Dunhill presented us with the award, and a special thanks to Kalmon for his wine selections.

David Webb, Chris Felts (MCM), Eric, Arron Sissom (MCM), Kalmon Hener, Kathy, and Andrea from Music City Marketing

Newlyweds Kalmon and his beautiful bride, Keglam

Several thousand Dunhill briars were there for the picking. Check our site for hundreds of new pipes and accessories!

Table after table of the most incredible pipes you've ever seen

The pipe pavillion at the RTDA show where pipemakers gather to sell their goods

The Music City Marketing booth filled with tables of pipes from Stanwell, BC, Winslow, Big Ben and more

Eric, Big Mike from Uptown's and Chris from Music City Marketing

Eric with Sara from Kirsten pipes

Per George Jensen from MacBaren

The Fuentes had a beautiful display. Carlos Sr. and Carlos Fuente Jr. are two of the nicest, most generous people I've ever met, not to mention, they make some of the best cigars available

Kathy with Luckner Pierre of Graycliff cigars

Eric & Kathy with Mary from McClelland

Eric and Andy Green from Ashton/Peterson

Brad Hammond and mid-Atlantic sales rep Angela from Davidoff

I promised Brad I wouldn't put this picture on the website, so I didn't.

Eric with James from BJ Long

Eric with Taka Tsuge

Kathy and Chris Felts with the CAO Flavorettes

The Vodka and Red Bull bar at the CAO party

The CAO party was pretty wild, this should give you an idea!

Tommy Lee performed for us at the Hard Rock. Special thanks to the Ozgeners for a great time

A rarely occuring thunderstorm caused the party to move inside, but noone complained about the air conditioning, since it was about 110 degrees outside

The Venetian in Las Vegas is a stunning hotel, plus you can smoke anywhere!

I had to set Arnie straight about a couple of things...

while Kathy took care of Simon Cowell...

Just me and Hugh in bed. Isn't he dreamy?

Kathy and Johnny Depp - Aaargh!

We tried to convince these guys to carry all of our pipes home, but they were too heavy.

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