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We do not sell tobacco or related items to anyone under the age of 19 or ship to prohibited jurisdictions. We do not sell cigarettes, cigarette tobacco or snuff.
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The Good Life - that is the art of living. A culture of its own that revolves around taking time, perceiving the world with all the senses in order to experience the fine nuances of pleasure.
Enjoying the delightful moments in life with spirit and emotion, either for oneself or together with friends. This is a genuine lifestyle - it is Davidoff's "The Good Life".
In its products the Davidoff brand unites craftsmanship, dedication and understanding. Knowledge of tradition linked to innovation and a sense of elegant functionality is the key for the success of the Davidoff products. They are created with both care and a great love of detail. Davidoff employees are personally committed to high quality, for they - like many of their customers - have been strongly attached to the brand for many years.
Davidoff stands for credibility. And behind this authenticity are Zino Davidoff and Dr. Ernst Schneider, whose pleasure in enjoyment is the starting point for the global brand of Davidoff.
What links Davidoff to people all around the world is the love of beauty and elegance - of pleasure and living. Davidoff - The Good Life.

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